Create & Share Invoices

Create Invoice with just the field you need for shipping, billing, terms, item etc. Share them in seconds with your parties. Share invoices on WhatsApp, SMS or even email and get paid via UPI payments effortlessly.

Pick Invoice themes

With our professional set of invoice themes and customizable features, you can send personalized beautiful invoices to your customers that reflects your brand’s identity.. Impress customers with professional business invoicing and accounting.

Accept orders in advance

Collect orders for your business even while you’re not at the shop. Create sale/purchase orders-forms in no time with this inventory management software. Generate invoices in single click for your orders.

Works both on Mobile & Desktop

This GST invoicing software works both on Android Mobile & Windows Desktop so that you can start managing your business and your inventory digitally and efficiently right on your smartphone and PC without any compatibility concerns.

Business Status

This inventory management software lets you evaluate the performance of your business effortlessly. Know everything about your business at any point of time using its insights like Cashflow, Stock/Inventory status, Bank status, Open Orders etc. 

Data Safety and Security

This inventory management software is completely secure and provides you with a 100% efficient automatic backup system to keep your data safe with you. 

Backup / Restore Your Data

“Auto Backup” feature of this small business inventory management software will take automatic backup of Business data to keep them fully safe on your device/google drive, so you can “go back in time” and restore a file before it was changed or deleted.

Delivery Challan

Create delivery challans and attach them with your consignment. Convert your delivery challans to GST invoices and share easily with your customers and parties. Also maintain delivery acknowledgment records and see what is accepted or returned by your customers. Rum complete business easily with this gst accounting software free.

Send Estimates & Quotations

You can create and share estimates with your potential customers using this inventory software. With this free GST inventory management software for mobile, convert your estimate to invoice in just one click.